Piano Tuning

My daughter Mackenzie, lover of all things musical! (just like her Dad)

If you have a new, old, used, heirloom, antique, broken-but-loved or ANY other kind of piano that hasn’t been tuned in a year or more, I’d LOVE to visit! ;)

 My name is Rob Cosh and I love pianos.  :))  

-Here’s how it works-

You contact me and we set up an appointment for your piano tuning!   I’ll come visit your home at the time that’s convenient for you and get your piano sounding better than it has for some time.    While I’m there I’ll check your piano for anything you ought to know about in terms of its overall health, and if necessary, make suggestions about things that might be preventing your total enjoyment of your instrument.   I’ll explain everything to you in easy-to-understand terms, and you’ll NEVER feel pressure from me about anything.  My interest is only to make your music sound better than it did when I arrived, and to let you know how all those millions of parts inside are looking and feeling.

AND – while I’m there – I’ll vacuum out the inside of your piano, tighten your piano stool if its loose and just generally leave the whole area a little better, a little cleaner and a whole lot nicer – sounding.   :)

Service with a smile – every time.  :)